Saturday, December 4, 2010

People I need Information On

Be sure to checkout the "People I Need Information On" tab on the link at the top of the site.  The following is what I have listed so far.

The following are people I need information on in no particular order. 

1. John Ramsey Euart  b. 20 Jul 1863  d. 11 Jun 1941 Link to tree
Trying to find any information on him prior to 1900.

2. William Hamilton b. Jan 1835 d. 19 Jan 1921 Link to tree
I can't find any information on his parents.

3. Maltida M. Doughtery and husband  b. abt. 1866  d. abt. 1958 Link to tree
I can't find any information on husband, correct death date...etc.  There were 2 different Maltida Doughtery's in the 1880 census.

4. Claude William Hamilton Jr b. 17 Oct 1925  d. 19 Feb 2000 Link to tree
Trying to find military information.  The only info I have is that he was on a wooden deck ship in the US Navy in WW2.

5. John Fink b. 25 Dec 1789 d. 21 Nov 1860 Link to tree
He born and died in Cabarrus County.  I need information on parents.

6. Gertie Mae Burris b. 19 Nov 1916 d. 12 Dec 1974 Link to tree
I need her marriage date to Robert Warren Hamilton.

7. Robert Warren Hamilton b. 02 Dec 1920 d. 23 Jan 2006 Link to tree
Trying to get in touch with his step-kids.  He was married to Gertie Mae Burris.

8. Mary Emmeline Gentry b. 02 Feb 1922 d. 31 Oct 2001 Link to tree
Trying to get in contact with her children.  She was married to Howard Rutter.

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