Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fink Concord Library Research

I took vacation last week so that I could go to the library and do some family research. My main focus for this week has been the Fink's. Here is a list of my line of Finks up from me.

Silvia Sydney Fink (my grandmother)
Sidney Adolphus Fink (my great grandfather) b. 30 Jan 1894 d. 25 Dec 1976
Doctor Bingham Fink (2nd great grandfather) b. 04 Dec 1855 d. 25 July 1928
George Allison Fink (third great grandfather) (had Levi Fink before) b. abt. 1826 d. 02 Oct 1862
John Fink (4th great grandfather) b. 25 Dec 1889 d. 21 Nov 1860

I found some great information at the library. First thing I found was the location of John Fink's headstone. It was located at Phaniels Church Cemetery near the Rowan-Cabarrus county line. I went to the cemetery and found the headstone. I almost passed it over because it was pretty hard to read, but I was able to make it out.

Originally I thought Levi Fink was Doctor Bingham Fink's father. Bingham Fink was on the 1870 Census as living with Levi Fink at the age of 16. Then I found Levi Fink's will and estate at the library. I didn't see a trace of Bingham Fink on it. That's when I started having my doubts. More on that later.

1st page of Levi Fink's will.

I then found another document (hand written) that had John Fink's land division which had a couple more Fink's that I didn't have in my tree. This was a great find.

Next I ran across a letter from Louise Bockman. It had some information that I didn't have including some birthdays and things from a baptismal record. This letter was from 1994. It seems like she had a little more information than me about the Finks. I tried to search on the internet for information on her and just found some old email addresses. I didn't think she would have the same phone number after all those years. As a shot in the dark I called the phone number on the letter. To my surprise she answered the phone. I told her who I was and what I was searching for and to my surprise she new my grandmother, Silvia Sydney Fink and my great grandfather, Sidney Adolphus Fink. This was great. We exchanged emails and she started sending information. I found out, her dad and my great grandfather had the same father. This was great.

Louise Bockman was able to give me some insight on who Bingham Fink's father was. He was George Allison Fink and died 10-2-62 in the Civil War of disease. She also gave me insight on other brother's of Bingham Fink.

Last Friday I went to my grandma Ewart's (Silvia Sydney Fink) and scanned some photos and documents. I had some really good finds there. While I was scanning pictures I came across an old picture that my grandma said was Bingham Fink. I took note but wasn't sure because this was just what she was told from her father. She had never met him.

The next day Louise Bockman emailed me a picture of Doctor Bingham Fink. I was able to compare the one that my grandma had given me and the one that Louise Bockman gave me. I was really excited about this find also.

Photobucket Photobucket
The one on the left is the one I scanned and the one on the right is from Louise Bockman.

All in all my family research this week went really well and I found a lot of good information.

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